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Installs - Flatscreens on wall

Installs of Flatscreen HDTV's on wall

Pictures of our installations.  Flatscreen LCD, LED and Plasma installed on wall in home theaters and living rooms.  Most have 5.1 surround sound systems, universal remotes that make controlling the system easy and all the equipment out of sight hidden in built in cabinets or closets.   It's easy with today's universal remote controls to hide your blu-ray player, cable box and surround receiver (along with game consoles like XBox, Wii and Playstation) behind cabinet doors and still have control of the equipment.  We bring fun into your home and make it easy to use.

  Above photos show a Panasonic 65" plasma mounted over a fireplace on a stone wall.  This job took planning as outlet power and HDMI cable (along with speaker cable) had to be installed before the stone facade.  There is a 2" PVC pipe attached to the wall and then the masons installed the stone.  Now we can still upgrade by pulling cables through the pipe if needed.

   This set of 3 photos shows a Samsung 46" LED LCD HDTV mounted over a fireplace mantle.  This is a condo installation only days after the customer purchased the home.  Blu-ray player and cable box are hidden in a nearby closet.  A universal remote MX-450 makes control of the hidden equipment fun and easy
  Above 4 images show a Samsung 55" LED-LCD mounted in a unique position.  On the ceiling of a master bedroom vault.  A tilt mount allows for just enough tilt to position the screen exactly at the viewer while lying down.  In-wall speakers add better sound than the small speakers in the TV.  The cable box and DVD player are located next to the bed in a cabinet supplied by the client.  A sleep timer on function of the cable box and TV allow you to fall asleep to your favorite show and then have the sound and light of the TV not interrupt your sleep.  The units turn themselves off and allow for uninterrupted sleep through the night.
  A Samsung 55" LED-LCD hangs on the wall in a bar known as BAR.  The HDTV replaces a small LCD that was actually sitting on a wall mount for a tube television.  With hidden wires and a cable box behind the bar the TV appears to float in the air.  A swing arm mount allows for the screen to be tucked flat against the wall or swing out and allow a greater amount of the bar to see the big screen.  Home theater installation in a CT bar?  Sure we do that.
   Another 55" Samsung LED-LCD HDTV installed over fireplace.  The stone mantle originally held a 40" Sony LCD but it appeared a little too small.  The new 55 is just large enough to fill the space without being over bearing.  Floor standing, thin silver speakers blend in nicely and add a bigger sound than the TV's small speakers could give.  All A/V components are housed in a cabinet to the right of the TV (not shown as its along side the couch).  Blu-ray, cable and surround receiver are out of sight but easily accessed if needed.

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Smarthome & Theater Systems install LCD, LED, Plasma screens and full home theaters.  We also design and install home automation, lighting control and music throughout the home.  We install primarily in the state of Connecticut.  We cover the entire state from the greenwich, darien, westport, fairfield area up north to farmington, west hartford, glastonbury area and up the shoreline to branford, guilford, madison and clinton.  We have traveled as far as the litchfield hills, marlborough and near the casino at montville.
Posted on: 2010/12/19 11:48:13pm
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