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iPort Adds In Wall Mounts for iPad

iPort Adds In Wall Mounts for iPad

The iPad in wall mounting system.  Now you can have a nearly 10" inwall control.

As Apple's iPad continues to emerge as a major device in the home control, automation and media server sectors, primarily because of it's low entry cost, wide selection of apps and ease of use.  This product cannot be ignored when designing your home automation system.

Toward that end, iPort, which was a pioneer when it came to in-wall docking systems for the iPod, will start shipping similar products for the iPod touch and iPad this month.

The company has introduced its Control Mount Series for both products, which covers the devices in a wall-mounted chassis with a magnetically attached, rectangular fascia to turn them into in-wall touchscreens.

Depending on your apps you can use the iPod touch or iPad for audio, a video, lighting and climate controls.

You can have the Control Mounts be installed vertically or horizontally, naturally, as the Apple devices work either way.  We can help you decide which way is best depending on how you will use it to control your home.

The CM-IW2000 allows an Apple iPad to be used as an in-wall touch panel providing continuous charging of the iPad and allowing a connection to a locally available Wi-Fi network.  Supporting a variety of downloadable applications for home automation control and common applications such as weather, stocks and news; the CM-IW2000 provides the user with control of audio, video, lighting and climate on the mounted iPad when the control application is connected to a compatible control system.

The CM-IW2000 securely mounts the iPad into the wall with an attractive and discreet frame which is magnetically secured to the in-wall mounting assembly. 

Installed in a portrait or landscape orientation, the
CM-IW2000 presents the iPad in a convenient and stylish manner.

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Posted on: 2010/09/24 11:31:23pm
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