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Kaleidescape Introduces First User Interface for Young Children

Kaleidescape Introduces First User Interface for Young Children

Even Toddlers Can Find and Play Their Own Movies,
and Parents Have Complete Control over Available Content

Kaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in movie servers, today introduced the industry's first user interface designed specifically for young children. With a Kaleidescape System and a Kaleidescape Child Remote, a young child can find and play any of his or her movies without help from an adult. The way it works-different user interface behavior when using a particular remote-is an industry first.


"With a complicated touch panel controller and more than 1,000 movies loaded on our system, my four-year-old daughter used to always ask for help when she wanted to watch a movie," said Michael Malcolm, Kaleidescape's founder, chairman and CEO. "The day she got her own remote and her own collection of movies, she was thrilled. Now, she won't let us start a movie for her; she insists on doing it herself."

"Most of my clients are families where the children use the Kaleidescape System the most," said Brandon Hoishik, owner of Hoishik in Spring City, Pennsylvania. "The new child user interface gives parents a way to add educational programs into the mix and encourage young children to discover good content independently within their personal collection."

The child user interface is a feature of the Kaleidescape Entertainment Appliance Operating System (KEAOS) version 4.0, and Kaleidescape Systems connected to the Internet will automatically receive this software update by October 2010. The Kaleidescape Child Remote is available immediately

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Posted on: 2010/09/24 11:21:16pm
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