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Whole-house electrical monitoring w/ Internet Dashboard

How Can I Reduce My Energy Usage?  How Can I Stop Wasting Energy?  Check out the very latest in Energy Monitoring. 

PowerHouse Dynamics has created the ultimate in affordable home energy management.  PowerHouse's eMonitor(tm) requires no wiring and can be installed and configured so that you are up and running in under an hour. It's highly graphical and intuitive web-based interface will begin providing valuable information almost instantly. And, with the eMonitor doing the monitoring and delivering proactive alerts, you stay on top of critical events without having to continuously log into the system.

Did we mention, with the eMonitor you will stop wasting money on your energy bills?

With The eMonitor by Powerhouse Dynamics you will know - in real time - how much energy every appliance in your house is using, how much electricity is being produced by the solar panels on your roof, and how much power it took to charge your electric car last night.

With this system you'll receive a text alert when your power goes off at home, or your iron was left on. And even when you are away from home you can turn it off with your smart phone, or adjust your heating or air conditioning.

Imagine a day when you have Total Home Energy Management. You'll not only save money on energy, but you'll have peace of mind about your home.

And, just as important, you'll be doing your part to create a greener planet.

Total Home Energy Management(tm)

PowerHouse dynamics is building a Total Home Energy Management solution that lets you manage all uses - and sources - of energy in your home. Total Home Energy Management:

Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy on The Wallet

Check out this video where the eMonitor was featured on Ask This Old House.  The eMonitor section starts around 2:30 if you want to jump ahead to the good stuff.

Smarthome & Theater Systems is a dealer for PowerDynamics eMonitor.  We install primarily in the state of Connecticut.  We cover the entire state from the greenwich, darien, westport, fairfield area up north to farmington, west hartford, glastonbury area and up the shoreline to branford, guilford, madison and clinton.  We have traveled as far as the litchfield hills, marlborough and near the casino at montville.

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Posted on: 2010/02/25 4:47:12pm
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