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How does CARD act affect consumer financing? What are the CARD act new regulations?
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What are the new regulations?

 Disclosure language on credit terms, sales slips,
OFPs (promotion disclosures) have changed.
 "No Payments" promotions go away
(promotions without monthly payments).
 "Less Than Six Months" promotions go away
 (promotions like "90-Days").
 Advertising promotions need additional headline
disclosure content.
 Minors or students under 21 require paper
application or GE online applications.
 Monthly income must be considered and entered on all applications.
 Advertising credit with tangible incentives targeted to students on, near or at an event sponsored by an institution of higher education is prohibited.

Advertising "With Payment" promotions in print or on the Internet have new requirements that impact disclosure content and design layout.

Even with these new changes to consumer financing we continue to offer ways to finance your purchases.  Please contact us to find out how we can help or to receive an application for credit.

Smarthome & Theater Systems works primarily in the state of Connecticut.  We cover the entire state from the greenwich, darien, westport, fairfield area up north to farmington, west hartford, glastonbury area and up the shoreline to branford, guilford, madison and clinton.  We have traveled as far as the litchfield hills, marlborough and near the casino at montville.

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Posted on: 2010/02/12 12:33:51am
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