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Installs - Flatscreens on wall
This is our 'pics' page. Updated frequently with pictures of installations we have performed
Posted on: 2010/12/19 11:48:13pm

Installation at Milford CT School, Calf Pen Meadow
Calf Pen Meadow School's Gym teacher and Music teacher solicited the PTA to upgrade the PA system in the Gym. The old system was more than 20 years old.
Posted on: 2010/10/04 7:30:54pm

Best ways to reduce energy usage in my home
A few posts ago we talked about PowerDynamics and eMonitor. Here is information about what Intel is doing on the home energy monitoring front
Posted on: 2010/09/25 6:06:37pm

Cool Article about IBM, atomic reactions and computer memory
IBM has developed a new process to observe atomic reactions in real time, an advancement that could lead to dramatically increased memory in PCs and mobile devices. The technique might make it possible for companies to produce hard drives that store 1,000 times more data than currently is possible
Posted on: 2010/09/25 12:45:53am

Can home theater projectors do 3D?
3D has been done in commercial theaters for years. What home theater projector options are available and what technology is best? Time will tell but here are 3 projectors released at CEDIA 2010
Posted on: 2010/09/25 12:44:02am

Which is better, AppleTV or Roku?
Which device is better, AppleTV or Roku? In what's shaping up to be the next big entertainment-meets-technology battleground, consumers are being presented with ever more ways to connect their television sets to the Internet
Posted on: 2010/09/25 12:42:45am

iPort Adds In Wall Mounts for iPad
The Control Mount Series lets your portable devices become in-wall touchscreens, mounted either horizontally or vertically.
Posted on: 2010/09/24 11:31:23pm

Mitsubishi 2010 TV lineup introduced in July
Mitsubishi introduced its 2010 HDTVs to the press at its New York City line show. For 2010 Mitsubishi is offering a its 2nd generation 3D capable laser powered 75″ Digital Light Processor (DLP) rear projector, 6 LED LCDs in three series and 3D capable DLP rear projectors in four series
Posted on: 2010/09/24 11:29:38pm

Crestron Releases 24 Port Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch
Crestron products always simplify installations and now this is true for Ethernet installations in commercial or home.
Posted on: 2010/09/24 11:27:07pm

Kaleidescape Introduces First User Interface for Young Children
Even Toddlers Can Find and Play Their Own Movies, and Parents Have Complete Control over Available Content
Posted on: 2010/09/24 11:21:16pm

Cablevision Service Changes Newsletter
Latest edition of our newsletter was informative to notify all Cablevision customers of serious changes to service. Any Cablevision Customer without a cable box will no longer be able to receive service. All Cablevision customers will be required to have a cable box.
Posted on: 2010/05/09 9:29:05pm

Crestron iServer Network Audio Server Using Apple iPod
Crestron iServer uses an iPod as its internal hard drive. The server communication over Ethernet, enabling iServer to connect to the home network and automatically synchronize with the iTunes library whenever new content is added or playlists are created.
Posted on: 2010/03/09 10:11:37pm

Whole-house electrical monitoring w/ Internet Dashboard
How Can I Reduce My Energy Usage? One way is with whole-house electrical monitoring. By monitoring what you use, circuit by circuit you can find places where you are wasting energy. Either by the kids leaving things on or phantom power draws. Read more here...
Posted on: 2010/02/25 4:47:12pm

What new rules take effect from CARD act?
New credit card rules coming Monday 2-22-10
Posted on: 2010/02/20 5:47:44pm

Can Apple iPad be used as a Crestron Touchpanel?
The Apple iPad is one of the most inexpensive options when it comes to controlling your home theater, automation, lighting, music system or surround sound system. Find out more by reading entire article or contact us directly.
Posted on: 2010/02/20 2:08:05pm

Does Crestron allow webpage control for Apple Mac?
Crestron home automation allows for control via the web. Up until now this was limited to PC computers running a browser that would allow ActiveX Controls to be loaded. Now Crestron announces the release of Xpanel for Apple Mac.
Posted on: 2010/02/15 3:18:53pm

Save on Your Electric Bill. Reduce your energy costs.
Save up to 20% on the Cost of Your Electricity in Connecticut. The ads you read and hear for reducing the cost of your electric bill are for real. It only takes a couple minutes and saves you money.
Posted on: 2010/02/15 11:12:03pm

How does CARD act affect consumer financing? What are the CARD act new regulations?
Various provisions of the Credit CARD Act, and other regulatory guidance, go into effect at different times. While some changes were effective in August, 2009, the majority will go into effect in February, 2010.
Posted on: 2010/02/12 12:33:51am

How does the CARD act impact me? How does CARD act affect consumer financing
In May 2009, President Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009. This new law will change the way consumers have access to and use their credit cards.
Posted on: 2010/02/12 12:04:35am

What is Home Automation? Practical Design of a Smarthome
A real estate agent recently asked me to write a description of the technology found in a typical 'Smarthome'. One or all of the systems in this fictional smarthome can be controlled by a home control system such as the Crestron system outlined here. A smarthome should make using any technology easier and when your home is as full as this one its a necessity not a luxury.
Posted on: 2010/02/11 11:29:16pm

Valentine's Day Promo Newsletter
Our Newsletter promotion for Valentine's Day 2010
Posted on: 2010/02/01 10:48:12pm

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Posted on: 2010/01/21 11:10:26pm

Better Prices for Flatscreen LCD online? We don't think so
An A/V Dealer proves to his client that internet purchasing of flatscreen TV's and Blu-ray players is not all that it's cracked up to be. It may be lower priced but at what cost?
Posted on: 2009/07/08 5:15:35pm

Smarthome in the news, Boston Globe quotes Bob
John Guilfoil, writer for the Boston Globe quotes Bob on advice about 5.1 surround systems. Check out the full article and a link to other articles by John.
Posted on: 2009/06/29 11:11:10pm

Smarthome in the news, Boston Globe Quotes Jared
John Guilfoil, writer for the Boston Globe quotes Jared on advice about plasmas and LCD's. Check out the full article and a link to other articles by John.
Posted on: 2009/06/29 11:06:16pm

Summer Time Music
Warm Sunshine (hopefully soon), Family and Barbecues. What better way to celebrate the summer? Add some music by the Pool or on the Patio to really make your summer party really rock or just relax.
Posted on: 2009/06/22 9:39:18pm

Father's Day Promo
I've added our latest email promotion to our blog. This is for Father's day but the offer is good until June 30, 2009.
Posted on: 2009/06/18 12:40:12pm

A great time at the home show
All of us at Smarthome & Theater Systems who participated in this weekend's home show had a great time.
Posted on: 2009/03/30 3:12:39pm

Smarthome and Theater at Connecticut Home Design Expo
Contact us for FREE TICKETS to the event.
Posted on: 2009/03/25 9:48:07am

iPhone Control of Your Home
How cool is this! Control your home, electronics, music, even the security system from your iPhone. From anywhere! If you have a 3G, Edge or Wifi connection you have control. Sitting on the couch? Use the iPhone as a remote. Away on business or vacation? Make sure the security system is on.
Posted on: 2009/03/25 9:29:32am

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