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Finished Basement Flooring: Then and Now
Like all things these days, basement flooring has made some huge advancements from the past. What is being understood more and more often today, is that these floorings simply do not work. Here are a few things to think about:
Posted on: 2010/09/23 12:59:04pm

Basement Systems Helps Out Valley United Way
The food was delivered by tractor trailer in one shipment by Bozzuto’s Inc., a wholesale distributor of food to retailers throughout the Basement Systems generously donated the use of their warehouse and equipment in Seymour on Thursday April 16th.
Posted on: 2009/04/17 12:46:25pm

Basement Systems Goes Back To School
Basement Systems has a close relationship with TEAM, Inc., and our employees are always happy to help out the organization and work with them. TEAM, Inc., is a nonprofit organization helping low-income families become self sufficient through financial assistance, training and supportive services.
Posted on: 2009/04/07 3:43:12pm

Basement Systems Inc. helps The Valley United Way
John Kay from Basement Systems Inc. comes to the rescue for the Valley United Way
Posted on: 2009/04/04 7:54:08am

Tom Peters says Basement Systems is very cool
Tom Peters Calls Basement Systems Coolest of the Cool
Posted on: 2009/04/03 4:35:13pm

Men Who Cook
Men Who Cook The second annual "Men Who Cook" event was held March 21 at Warsaw Park, Ansonia, and was a great success.
Posted on: 2009/04/03 4:28:22pm

Seymour company's 'treehouse' makes workplace fun
Posted on: 2009/04/03 10:38:43pm

Tainted Drywall
For the past couple of months, news outlets have been buzzing with stories of homeowners in southern states including Florida, Louisiana and Alabama that are feeling the negative effects of tainted drywall in their homes.
Posted on: 2009/04/03 10:26:51pm

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